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Butter Angels CEO Rolande Sumner OEF 2012 - 2013 Afghanistan

“During my service, I met an endless stream of capable and innovative women warriors, capable of building empires. When I retired, I wanted to be a reminder to those still serving that they are not only  an asset to our country in uniform, but they are capable of creating anything they set their mind too. My skin care is a reminder to other women warriors that they are capable of achieving an endless number of things. They are more than veterans, they are the CEOs of their life.

The power of the bond of women veterans is profound.  That’s why I started a company that empowered women veterans to love and appreciate their beauty as well as the beauty of their sister warrior.”


Rolande S. Sumner, CEO & Founder

Our mission is to enhance the beauty of powerful women with  exotic skin care, encouraging messaging, inspirational stories, and powerful imagery. We acknowledge that a woman's glow comes from within. We just wants to enhance that glow.