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5 Free Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

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Customer service is a hot topic for me, primarily because it is so easy to give and so seldomly rendered. I firmly believe that a person should treat others in a manner in which they want to be treated. Not how they have been treated or based on how they feel at that time. Good customer service is the act of treating people well, despite the rudeness and the chaos of the moment.

Below are 5 free ways to improve your customer service.

  1. Sharing a smile is free. Not only does sharing a smile cost nothing, but it helps you feel better. It’s also contagious.
  2. Saying Thank You with a smile is easy. There is always something to be grateful for. The fact that you have been blessed with another day and another opportunity to try again is plenty reason enough. You may not find one thing about your current transaction with the person in front of you to be thankful for. You can find something in your life that will do the trick. Think of that one wonderful thing that makes you smile and then say thank you. Your smile and gratitude will be genuine and the customer will leave feeling better about working with you in the future.
  3. Take a moment to say hello. Have you ever walked into an establishment and not received as much as a hello? You may have felt a bit ignored and less likely to happily purchase goods or pay for services. A good rule of thumb is to speak to each and every person who enters your establishment. A simple hello goes a long way. It sets the tone for potential transactions as well as provides the customer with a sense of importance. Without customers or clients, there is no business.
  4. Listen. It is so very rude to rush a person through their question. Yes, some may take forever to finish their statement, confusing you to no end. If you listen, then ask questions once they are complete, you are more likely to reach a solution faster. By interrupting their statements or questions, you miss important details that will help you reach a solution to their problem. Assuming you know what they need before they have articulated is a mistake and can only lead to frustration for both of you. Be patient and listen.
  5. Don’t abandon your customer. Pointing in the general direction in which they should aimlessly walk to find a toothpick is wrong. The whole reason the customer is coming to you, is so you may help them find what they want in as little time possible. If you can’t walk with them to the area, at least call someone over who can. But by all means, do not abandon your customer. Customers are more likely to wait patiently if they know someone is coming to happily help them.

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