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A Family Tradition: Valentines Means Candy And Love For All

Rolande Sumner Best Mom Ever

Every Valentine my mom would give my sister and I Honees, Honey Filled Drops and a valentine card. It was so cute and so sweet. It placed a delicate brand on my heart and solidified that the 14th of February is not only for lovers but those who choose to love those important to them. I’ve carried this tradition on to my family.

This year it is the Giant Gummy Bear. Imagine 16 ounces of jellied sweetness that will elicit shock and awe. So happy was I to grab not 1 but 2 over sized treats and meaningful cards to go with. I proudly hit my bounty in a secret place until the right moment. 

For Alicia, today is the day. As she hopped in the car, she asked for gift and I gladly relented. Why not? It's 1 pound, there's no way she'd be about get through it in two days. Upon receipt of the card and candy, the card was discarded and she went straight for the Gummy Bear. Her eyes and smile were so big. She ripped the package open at light speed and then took big bite out of the ear. She was so happy and I felt like my mission was accomplished. 

Making my kids and hubby smile makes this holiday special for me. I have two more people to surprise and I can not wait. 

Happy Valentines Angels. I hope your day is as special as mine. 

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