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Wedding Favors: How To Leave Your Guests Feeling Loved, Abundant and Overjoyed

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Butter Angels | Wedding Favors | Wedding Favors: How To Leave Your Guests Feeling Loved, Abundant and Overjoyed

Alright future brides. I'm back with sound advice on how to make your wedding favors worth every penny. Most importantly your guests will leave your event feeling loved, abundant and overjoyed. 

Put It In The Budget: Part of the problem of gifting favors is the failure to properly place them in your budget. Often times couples brush favors off until there isn't any money left, then scramble to find cheap and easy solutions. If you treat your favors like an afterthought, your guest will as well. Spend at least 8% of your wedding budget on favors. Your budget should include the individual cost per guest, taxes, delivery, set up, and consultation. 

Make It Thoughtful: We all know the best gifts are those that are full of memories and thought. Gifts that cause a pleasant emotional response, no matter the cost, are appreciated and remembered. When creating or purchasing your favors, closely review options that give you a positive emotional reaction. Ask yourself  these questions. Does the favor make you gasp in awe in amazement? If you received it, would you be delighted? Does it make you smile? Does the option make your heart warm? If your answer is no to any one of these questions, then move on to other options. 

Make It Useful: Useful favors are the best favors. They give a double whammy of pleasure. First, they provide the recipient with cost free assistance. Who doesn't want to get good help for free. Second, it's an item that they actually like and want. The bonus is if they do not want the gift, they are will proud to share it, instead of throw it in the trash. Below is a tip how you can build anticipation for your big day, using high end favors.

Make It Interactive: If you choose a favor that is easily and swiftly extinguished, like food,  than it is imperative you make it interactive. Remember, favors are your last impression of your event to your guests. You want to brand love, abundance and joy in your guests minds and hearts forever. Below are some interactive ideas;

  • S'mores: Add a cute thank you note with brief instructions in the package. Provide uniquely flavored marshmallows, like margarita or strawberry. Add a unique chocolate and or a tasty cookie. Stay far far away from the ordinary. Plain boring marshmallows, regular graham crackers and grocery store chocolate squares are a no-no. Think gourmet. 

    To step it up a notch, offer a s'mores station at your wedding, supplied with various gourmet smores ingredients. This allows your guests to try out different flavors and take home a sample of their favorite sample.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses can be the absolute worst favor to gift. They tend to be tacky and unwearable after the event. However, if you must gift them then make it memorable and fun.

    1. Set up a photo booth and ask all of your guest to take photos with the sunglasses on. Add other props to heighten the experience. Gift your guests a copy of the photos so they have a memento of their good time.

    2. Ask your friends to take pictures of themselves and their families with the sunglasses after the event. Then encourage them to share the pictures with you on your social media and wedding website. On your anniversary, host a get together and share a slideshow with the images of the wedding and post wedding photos. Your friends will enjoy the memory of your big day over and over again. 

    Private label your favors: In my article "Good and Bad Party Favors and Why You Should Know The Difference" I point out that your name is on your favors.  Your favors are a product of your love and affection for each of your guests. You proudly print your name on your invitations, wedding website, hotel arrangements, and more. Through your name, word of mouth advertisement among friends and family, and attention to detail, you have carefully developed anticipation and positive emotions related to your event. Push the envelop a bit and private label your favors. Create a product label that compliments your wedding theme and displays your name like a professional.

    Do Not Ever Give The Below

    Before we depart I find it necessary to share the items you should never, ever gift. I say all of this in love, but no one really likes these gifts as much as you do. Please don't waste your money. 

    •  Photo Coffee Mugs: Step away from your laptop. Do not order any personalized or photo coffee mugs. You and your future hubby are too adorable, but no one is going to drink their morning coffee or evening camomile tea while you are smiling in their face. Instead they will politely place you and all your coupled cuteness at the back of their dish cabinet. It will only come out when all other cups are dirty and they are too lazy to do dishes. Oh and this goes for any other favor that has your picture all over it. If you must cross this line, gift them to your parents and grandparents. Besides yourself, they maybe the only ones who would be excited to receive them.  
    • Cheap Candy: If you are going to give candy, make it memorable and nostalgic. Enhancing your wedding experience rests in every detail of your event. If your candy isn't scrumptious, doesn't evoke a positive emotion, and isn't interactive, then it should be discarded. Don't waste your money on something that will not be appreciated. As a matter of fact, if you can easily find the candy in the grocery store or gas station shelves, you may want to steer clear of it all together. 

    If you have any questions, please post them below. I would love to hear your thoughts and help you answer any questions you may have. 

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