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Why 4AM Works For Me: Not Everyone Is A Night Owl

Rolande Sumner Business To Do

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur I often watched YouTube videos, documentaries and read articles of how millionaire business owners built their tiny businesses into powerhouses. The constant in each story was the extra time needed and complete lack of sleep many endured to see their dream come to pass. On my list of many excuses  I why couldn't be a business owner was the inability to stay up all not and function the next morning. 

When I finally made the leap, I would push myself to stay up until midnight and later in an attempt to get more done. In those wee hours I was reminded that my peek time wasn't at night. I'm not a night owl. As a matter of fact, my brain starts to slow down a bit after 2pm and then it's downhill from there. Most of my energy and brainpower is early in the morning. The earlier the better. 

When I was a child I woke up before everyone in the house. 6am on Saturday and Sunday morning I'd be wide awake peeling my sisters eyelids back to make her wake up so I had company. Naturally that didn't last long so I learned to be up on my own. When I joined the Army at 17, 4am formations wasn't a problem at all. I liked the morning before the sun rose and the world woke up. It was peaceful, quite and a great time to burn energy. As I got older early mornings were perfect, as long as I was in the bed by 10pm. Now that I am retired and swinging both work and business, 4am has become my sweet spot. The ideas flow, I can work out with more intensity, my mind is clear. 


I'm comforted in the knowledge that this is my business. No one else's. I set my schedule. If 4am is my time to shine, then that is when I put in the extra needed to work my vision. I am not saying I don't put in extra hours in the evening; but 4am is a consistent time in my day when I know that I'll be up and energized. As I learn more about true entrepreneurship I learn that business ownership is what I shape it to be. I mold my business and what I want it to become. No one else, not even the millionaire gurus can do that for me. 

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  • angela on

    I also love the morning. But getting to bed early is important if I want to get up early.

  • Donna DeRosa on

    I’m the total opposite. I do my best work at night after everyone goes to bed. Whatever works for you is the best time.

  • Sharon on

    I am an early riser as well. I love the quiet in the house, it is easier to get things done.

  • Kristen FusaroPizzo on

    You should absolutely work to your strengths and your time. I used to be an early bird, and I find the older I get, the more I stay up at night. It seems like certain tasks are just better in the morning.

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