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Why My Health Is Important To My Business

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So when you work for someone else, if you call out sick, the business continues to run. Meetings can be rescheduled, a teammate maybe able to pick up your slack, or a task can be canceled. The only real repercussion you may experience is an annoyed boss, lost pay and the burden of making up the work when you return. 

When you work for yourself, especially in the beginning, there is no one else who can cover down. There isn't anyone who can attend the event in your place, fill that order that is due, meet your client, or manage your customer concerns. The bottom line is as a small business owner, you make your own schedule, however you also have the responsibility of ensuring your are profitable. Making and keeping your business profitable is ALOT OF WORK. It takes time and diligent consistent work to ensure you make money. Which means you need to be present, alert and ready. 

Last year I missed 3 events because I was ill. There was no one who could stand in, nor was I able to get my money back. The worst part was I let down the event coordinators, which isn't good for my reputation; and my customers missed an opportunity to meet me in person. Getting ill is human. It will happen. However, being healthier could have helped make those sick days bearable or not exist at all. 


This year one of my top business goals is to get and stay healthier with better eating and more activity. Don't get me wrong, I really look forward to the side of effects of looking younger and having a smaller waistline. However, I really want the intangibles. I want the increased energy to help with the late nights and early mornings. I want the improved focus so that I am not in such a daze. I want the stronger immune system so that I don't call out sick on my own business. I want the positive attitude to help on those tough days that make me want to quit. 

A healthier lifestyle isn't going to fix everything. I still need to management my time appropriately, maintain customer relations and more. A healthier lifestyle will help provide needed support so that I am a better business women. 2017 is about strengthening my business foundation. My health is part of that foundation. 

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  • Donna on

    I need the same thing. It’s not easy being the only one in your business. I’ve been eating healthier and going to the gym more often. Yes, I want to look good, but I also need the energy to keep going all day.

  • Sharon on

    This is such an important message. I couldn’t agree more. Even though we may be busy we still need to take care of ourselves.

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