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5 Tips To Address Dry Winter Skin

Dry Skin Help

The winter brings in cold winds and dry skin. The lack of humidity and cold weather causes the skin to crack and dry. Why? Humidity is atmospheric moisture, much of which is water. This humidity covers our hair and skin, leaving it moist. Humidity is more pounced in warmer clients. Depending on the region of the country you live, many winter days have no humidity at all. Cold weather leaves the skin a little less flexible and less able to absorb moisture readily. Below are 5 tips to address dry winter skin.

  1. Drink Water: The human body is made of over 60% water. In the winter we are prone to drink less water and drink more tea and coffee. Though tea and coffee provide a nice warm feeling, these are diuretics and reduce the water in your body. Replace your tea and coffee with water. Try drinking half of your body weight in ounces (150 lb women will drink 75 ounces of water). Not only will your skin show improved moisture and elasticity, but you’ll be more alert and read to go. By the way, 8 cups of water is 64 ounces, which means you’ll only need an extra 1 an a half glasses more.
  2. Reduce Your Showers: Reducing the temperature and duration of your showers will help you maintain much of your skins moisture. Long hot showers feel wonderful, but tend to strip the body’s natural moisture from the surface. Taking a short warm shower will allow you to feel fresh and clean as well as retain some of your surface moisture.
  3. Exfoliate: Skin is made up of several layers. The very top layer often contains dry flaky skin which naturally leaving your body throughout the day. Gently exfoliating aids in the shedding process as well as allows your skin to quickly absorb moisture. Caution: Exfoliate with gently implements such as shower gloves or loofa. Pay close attention to irritation and soreness. If you experience these reactions, contact your physician. Not everyone can exfoliate, and that is ok.
  4. Oil Based Skin Moisturizer: After your warm short shower, moisturize with an oil based cream or butter. Oil will trap the water in your skin and reduce the rate of evaporation. Look for brands that are all natural and non-clogging. You want soft supply skin, not pimples.
  5. Cover It Up: Covering your skin in the cold not only keeps you warm, but prevents damage to the skin. Wearing warm clothing after you have bathed and moisturize provides excellent protection against dryness. Not only is the moisture far less likely to escape, the heat of your body and clothing heats your skin. The combination of warm protected skin and moisture leaves your skin velvety soft. Don’t believe me? Tonight before you go to bed, moisturize your feet with our Moisture Bar or Body Butter than put on your socks. Tomorrow morning your dry cracked heals with show improvement and should be a bit softer. Do this every winter night and you can prolong your pedicure.

Note: Some skin conditions are not easily solved by using these simple tips. If you find yourself not able to address dry skin on your own, seek the assistance of a physician. These tips are not meant to treat medical conditions and should only be used for beauty.

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