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Easy Way To Soften Your Lips

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Good evening ladies!

I wanted to quickly share an easy way to soften your lips in a hurry. I've used this trick for years and it's never failed me. So here is it. Ready?


Brush Your Lips....


Yep that's right. While brushing your teeth, take a second to gently brush your lips. Not only is it free and easy, but it's really effective. You lips are already wet and prepped from the toothpaste foam and water. So getting that dry flaky skin off your lips is a cinch. 

Remember, after you rinse your mouth and lips, use an oil based lip moisturizer. The oils will quickly trap the moisture on your skin as it absorbs the wonderful nutrients in your all natural balm. 

I found the best time to do this is right before bed. The next morning my pucker is super soft and ready for the day. 

Last, don't forget to hydrate through out the day. Proper moisture starts from the inside. You can put all of the beauty cream and make up on that you want. But with out proper nutritionist and good clean water, the effects will not be the same. 


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