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Ingredient Spotlight: Meadowfoam Seed Oil


The Meadowfoam flower, Limnanthes alba, was discovered by Scottist Botanist, Robert Brown. In full bloom its fields appears to be covered in a layer of white foam, thus its name Meadowfoam. The Meadowfoam flower was imported from Europe to the United States and is used as a rotational crop. (Nature Plan Products, Inc., 2015)

Its seeds are crushed and the oils are extracted resulting in 20-30 percent oil by weight. (Michalun & Dinardo, 2015) Due to its dryness, quick absorption, high antioxidant levels, moisturizing properties and it’s eco friendliness, it is used in a myriad of cosmetic products. (Singletary, 2015) To date there are no known recorded side effects. However, if one is allergic to nuts, fruit, seeds or plants, they may want to proceed with caution.

Butter Angels uses Meadowfoam Seed Oil in the Body Butter formulation. It blends beautifully with the hard Kokum Butter, resulting in a very smooth, very emollient, and light weight cream. Dry skin is left feeling smooth and velvety. The quick absorbency of Meadowfoam Seed Oil helps create a non-greasy finish while leaving your skin with a healthy glow. After a few applications you should notice your skin becoming more healthy and supple.




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