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Butter Angels is Leaping Bunny Certified


I am so excited to share with you some wonderful news. We are Leaping Bunny certified. At no point in the process of creating Butter Angels Lip Moisturizers, Moisture Bars and Body Butters have there been any animal testing, to include human testing. This is wonderful. 

The process is fairly simple as long as all of your suppliers are cruelty free and turn in their paperwork. First a company, like Butter Angels, applies for the Leaping Bunny certification via One can either choose to send amended purchase orders agreeing to only accept cruelty free items or ask each supplier to fill out a Declaration of Raw Material Compliance. I chose the later. Thankfully, everyone was cruelty free and the application was approved. To stay compliant, the process will have to be done yearly.

The reason I asked my suppliers to fill out the Declaration of Raw Material Compliance is to collect proof of their compliance. If they were unwilling or unable to comply, then I would have found another supplier who was compliant.Thankfully all of my suppliers were very happy to participate and provided their documentation within hours to days of asking. 

 At this time you will not see the Leaping Bunny logo on our site or products as that is an extra charge. As a young business, such as Butter Angels, we are running a lean ship and choose to forgo the expense at this time. This does not mean it will not be purchased in the future. 

You may find our store on the Leaping Bunny Shop Guides under the letter B. 

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