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The Loves of My Life

Introducing my family, the Sumners. These 5 people, which includes the puppies, are the reason my heart beats. So let's start left to right, "The King of the Castle" Jamie, "Mini Me" Alicia, "The Teenage Unit" Ethan, "Grown" Penny (black Boglen Terrier), and "The Little Princess" Chloe (white Whippet). 
Jamie is hilarious and keeps the humor alive in our relationship. He has a very southern matter of fact way of putting things that keeps me howling. Alicia is the best of me. She is smart, spunky with a bit of sass. Ethan is my son by marriage, but my son never the less. He is 100% part of my heart. He is very smart and really good at creating electric music. Penny turns 6 this July and is too grown. She insists on doing whatever she wants with an attitude. Last but not least, the youngest of our family, Chloe. She is 15 months and ever much the baby. Most of the time she is bouncing around like a ball of energy, but when she wants to sleep, she wants to sleep. Little princess will give you an attitude if you disturb her rest.
I love my family so much, but really didn't appreciate them until I went to Afghanistan in 2012. Traveling away from home and often was normal to me. So I really didn't miss them much. I always knew I was coming home. Afghanistan changed that. For the first time I ached for them. The knowledge that I may not come home made it worse. My time way helped me see just how important they are too me. When I retired last year, it offered me an opportunity to be the mother and wife they deserved.  I'm still a self professed workaholic, but I work much harder to maintain balance be present. Being self-employed definitely help me accomplish this.
Though I will eagerly accept flowers and candy on this beautiful day, I enjoy Valentines Day much more when I can share it with my loves. This is my family in a nutshell. They are the reason my Valentine is so special and full of joy.

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