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Ingredient Spotlight: Mufura Butter- South African Beauty Secret


Unrefined Mufura Butter, Trichilia emetica seed butter, is a yellow to brown fatty butter from the Mufura or Trichilia Seed. (DLG Naturals, 2015) The trichilia seed is soaked in hot water, which softens the shell. Then the seed it crushed until the butter comes out. (Natural Butter and Oils, n.d.) It is predominantly found in Southern and Eastern Africa. This luscious substance is a staple cosmetic ingredient for users in its native regions. Mufura contains a crisp, nutty-earthy scent. Some of its benefits are fast absorption, deep penetration, and superior relief of dry and scaly skin.


Butter Angels Moisture Bar contains 20 percent Mufura Butter. When used on warm skin, the moisture bar melts easily, depositing nutrients from the Illipe Butter, Mufura Butter and Evening Primrose Oil, which quickly alleviate dry, cracked skin. The moisture bar has been especially effective on ashy cracked heels. 


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