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Ingredient Spot Light: Illipe Butter


Illipe Butter


Illipe Butter, Shorea Stenoptera, was named by Botanist Baron Von Mueller around 1771. (C.T. White F.L.S., 1921) It primarily grows on the Malaysian side of Borneo. (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2015) Illipe Nuts are collected by the natives and dried in the sun. The seeds are then beaten until the shells break. The excess shell is casted away exposing the seed. (Wendy, 2010)

The benefits of Illipe Butter are plenty. The most important are its support to the lipidic barrier of skin and its ability to help the skin retain moisture resulting in more supple, less dry skin. (Garden of Wisdom, n.d.) It is also well known for its skin-softening benefits. Its high melting point and brittle consistency make it great for lip balms, lotion bars, bars of soap and salves. Though Illipe acts as a lipidic barrier to the skin, it is noncomedogenic and pairs well with fast absorbing oils such as in Cranberry Seed Oil and Evening Primrose Oil. Unlike Shea Butter, it doesn’t leave a heavy waxy or oily residue on your hair or skin. Illipe possess a faint, sweet scent which is virtually undetectable when blended with other stronger smelling oils and butters. It also delivers the added fragrance of essential oils very well. 

Butter Angels Lip Moisturizers and Moisture Bars contain Illipe Butter. Both products glide over the lips and skin with ease, leaving them with super soft, supple and long lasting moisture. 



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