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Owning a business full-time has been fun, challenging, time and money consuming. Naturally in my first year, I made no money so I chose to return to the regular workforce. In doing so I find myself overwhelmed and falling behind. 

To address this issue I've been finding different ways to automate my business and life in the most cost effective way. For instance, Shopify has all of these cool apps that connect to outside sources. I use a program call CraftyBase that helps me manage my inventory. No more guessing how much raw materials I have on hand. CraftyBase connects to shopify and collects orders from Shopify, making it simple to keep track of my raw ingredients and individual product. It also helps me keep track of my expenses and and materials costs per unit. 


I use Quickbooks for my bookkeeping needs. It collects banking data from my business bank accounts, which reduces manually inputting each transaction. Quickbooks also provides reports, creates professional invoices that customers and clients can pay through, prints business checks and more. 

 As mentioned before Shopify has tons of applications that make running my online store easier. There are a ton of good free apps, really sleek expensive apps and everything in between. 


Last but most importantly I am participating in a time management challenge with Jane Button. I need to get organized and fast. Automatization means nothing if I am spinning in circles. 

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  • Donna DeRosa on

    I’ve come to rely on many apps as well. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pam on

    Great tips!! Bless Quickbooks. It makes taxes so much easier.

  • Kristen M. Fusaro-Pizzo on

    It’s so awesome that you found different programs that help you achieve success. Thank you for sharing them with us!

  • Sharon on

    Time management is so important, something most of us can work on. I am glad you have found some apps that you find helpful.

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