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Butter Angels: Why Wholesale With US

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Butter Angels | Why Wholesale With US

Butter Angels Wholesale is part of the Butter Angels brand. Our primary goal is to handcraft natural cruelty free skin care products to soothe and beautify dry skin. We want to empower women and enhance their glow. 

So you maybe asking yourself why you should choose Butter Angels as a wholesaler. Well here are 4 reasons why. 

  1. No third party distributors. You may purchase directly from us in small quantities. There is no need to purchase through a third party and pay an extra fee when we are more than willing and able to assist you. 
  2. Small Quantities. We realize that storing large quantities of products can be daunting. So we sell our products in small quantities. Each case includes 10  units and 2 testers. 
  3. Rewards Program. We offer a rewards program which equals savings. You can earn discounts as well as free shipping. Earning points is easy, 1) create and account (100 points) and purchase products (3 points for each $1). 
  4. We Give Back. When you purchase from Butter Angels, you also contribute to women veteran organizations and advocacy against animal cruelty. 

Bonus: Local retailers receive free local delivery.  

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us at (864) 986-4569 or 

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  • Kristen M. Fusaro-Pizzo on

    I love how clear and direct this is!

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