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D.O.M.E. - YOU: Become Your Own Success Story

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Anita Dinkens | D.O.M.E. - YOU | Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care
Article authored by Anita Dinkens, Founder of D.O.M.E - YOU


I had overcome childhood homelessness and living in a drug household.  My childhood taught me to prepare mentally for just about anything and expect everything.  What would come next, is something I never thought of or was prepared for.  After serving a total of 15 years of military service in the US Army, I would be told that I would have trouble exercising possibly walking for the rest of my life.  I had been very active and became a 5 and 10k runner.  I endured a surgery that exposed broken bones, hairline fractures and misaligned ligaments in my knee.  The other knee had to wait until the first one healed.  Next came military retirement.

While I was mentally preparing to retire, I began researching subject s which were interesting to me.  As I was learning, I felt the need to share what I was learning.  I’ve always felt that information is empowering, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable situations happen and pressure creates diamonds.  My idea was to create an outlet to educate others and give them a group that could provide ideas and support to remain positive through adversity.

Determination of Mind Empowerment (D.O.M.E) educates people on subject matter from all areas including genetics, government, history, people, places and more.  D.O.M.E. has showcased stories on Alexander the Great, CERN, fluoride, Henrietta Lacks, how to research, global seed banks, and the Punnett Square.  Some of the topics covered are controversial or considered conspiracy. 

D.O.M.E. - YOU Facebook Group | Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care | Women Veteran

As a follow-up to D.O.M.E. was the creation of D.O.M.E. – YOU.  This group is about YOU. We at D.O.M.E. look to provide daily encouragement. We want to help YOU build will-power, determination, and strength to overcome obstacles. Your mind is the most important factor in success.  I meditate daily and focus on the good stuff.  The group provides ideas and ways of becoming and remaining resilient.  There are surveys created where members can offer their views on positive living.  The people of D.O.M.E. are empowered to educate, to learn, to overcome, to succeed and support others.  

The future of D.O.M.E. includes consulting services, educational products, motivational tools philanthropy, print work and workshops.  We have over 860 members between both groups and looking to continue to gain strength.  Education and positivity is much needed in society and I am hoping to spread like wildfire to help others become more resilient and wise.

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