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Fall Skin Care Tips

Dry Skin Help

Here are 6 tips to keep your skin in great shape. 

1. Continue to drink water. When the weather cools we tend to drink less water. This eventually deprives your skin cells of what it needs to maintain supple skin. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water. Ex. If you weigh 150 lbs., drink 75 ounces or 9.3 glasses of water. 

2. Maintain a healthy diet. For many, the heat reduces your appetite, making it easier to eat healthy. Cool weather brings hartier meals. A poor diet deprives your skin of much needed nutrients resulting in an older, dryer appearance. Continue to eat healthy as the weather cool. Your body and skin will thank you.

3. Gently exfoliate. Don't stop exfoliating because you're wearing more. Instead, exfoliate with shower gloves daily. This removes dead skin cells as well as improves circulation. 
4. Moisturize. As soon as you exfoliate and dry from your shower, you need to moisturizer. Using a non-clogging oil based moisturizer, such as Butter Angels skin care products, traps moisture in your skin keeping it soft and smooth. 

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