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About a year and a half before I retired I started to really believe I could be a business owner. Before my deployment to Afghanistan, it was an impossible idea. My disbelief was shrouded in fear and past mistakes. 



A couple of years before my deployment, I half heartedly attempted to semi-open an at home bakery. I made cupcakes and cakes for holiday parties and birthdays on the side and felt like this was an avenue I wanted to pursue. So I decided to get FEIN for Love Is Cake LLC. As you can tell that didn't pan out. 

So when I decided to make Butter Angels a reality, it wasn't well received. Yes, I had the support of my mom and sister. However, when it came to others in business; people who committed to actually helping me, well, let's just say they were not very supportive. Actually, I had several flat tell me that I wasn't going to make it. I didn't have what it took and didn't know enough to be successful. The hardest part to hear was my husband wasn't even on board. He told me story after story of friends and acquaintances he knew who tried and failed. He insisted that my idea would bankrupted us.  

So naturally I was angry and hurt. I used that hurt and anger to fuel my first 9 months in business. Most of my actions were based on learning and doing better to prove the naysayers wrong. I enlisted mentorship from people who did believe my vision. I learned to acknowledge my husband's fears and my mistakes. I dugg into my dream.



During that 9 months I realized 1 thing. Most people don't really mean to be negative. They just want to protect you from being hurt and failing. They remember all of the mistakes and mishaps you've had along the way and just want to make sure you don't get hurt again. For those few people who do mean you harm; their negativity is probably based in fear and jealousy. Yep, they were either too scared try or tried and failed. Now they are mad at you for being an entrepreneur. What kept me going when the anger burned off was the need to forge my own way and take my life where I wanted it to go. 

Some of you are reading this and feel my pain and understand where I am coming from. You may even want to give up.  I tell myself often and will tell you, do not allow other's narrow minds and broken dreams to break the connection between you and your destiny. I need to remind myself from time to time that God has made a plan for everyone. I am destined for greatness in some way on some scale. My destiny way or way not be showered in millions and surrounded by the influential, but it does include me doing and living in a way that makes me supremely happy and fulfilled. I can't get there if I am shaping my future on the narrow thoughts and broken dreams of others. I must follow my own dreams to reach my destiny of happiness and fulfillment. 

December 18th Butter Angels turns 1 years old. Regardless of the loss I will take on taxes and all of the ups and downs I've experienced, I am so happy to have followed my dreams. This 1 year is just the beginning. I have no plans on quitting or giving up. 

If you have a dream you can't shake, then you probably should do something about it. God maybe telling you something. 

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  • Alex on

    Congrats on brushing yourself off, getting up and trying again. And I got a chuckle from your “it didn’t pan out” pun ;)

  • Arien Smith on

    Absolutely love this line “Most people don’t really mean to be negative. They just want to protect you from being hurt and failing”! It’s very true, since people often mean the best, and it’s a great way to motivate ourselves to show others that we CAN take care of ourselves, first and foremost. Even when others don’t believe us, we should never give up on our passion.

  • angela on

    I’m so glad you decided to follow your dreams. I agree that most people who are negative are only trying to shield you from hurt and pain, especially those that love you. Sounds like you have a great attitude.

  • Donna DeRosa on

    Exactly! Everyone has their own path to follow. Congratulations on 1 year of Butter Angels.

  • Sandy Engels on

    How inspiring! Yes, keep following your dream…because that’s what it is, your’s…not theirs. The beauty in failing at one business is the next time you try…and an entrepreneur keeps trying…you will have learned from your mistakes. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!! You geaux girl!

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