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Minority Women Veteran Organization

Veteran Spotlight

Minority Women Veterans Organization (MWV) is a women veterans organization which focuses on assisting women veterans in successfully transitioning from military to civilian life. MWV takes a very hands on approach by working one on one with each participant, assisting them in developing actionable plans to reach their dreams. 

I can personally attest to their work. Upon opening Butter Angels, I reached out to MWV for a partnership. While denying my request they gave me something I needed more than a partnership. They gave me an actionable plan and lead me to resources that assisted in my business development. I left our conference call feeling stronger and empowered. In the months to follow they included me in virtual health fairs and promoted me on their social media and website, which resulted in a much needed boost in visibility from male and female veterans. 

MWV has assisted many women veterans in getting needed resources to address mental health issues, sexual assault, homelessness, unemployment and more. They have bravely and openly discussed these and other often ignored issues that often derail a veteran's successful transition. 

MWV offers a wide variety of programs to address the goals and needs of every minority women veteran. Programs that support technology, the arts, health, entertainment, entrepreneurship and education have given women veterans the opportunity to tap into hidden talents once suppressed by our service to our country. I found it refreshing to be associated with an organization that encourages and support each women to be herself. 

To assist them in their efforts to help others, Butter Angels donates a portion of profits to MWV. November 26th, Small Business Saturday, Butter Angels will double Minority Women Veterans Organization donation. Join us to assist this great organization. 

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