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Preservatives & Antioxidants


Not all preservatives are bad or created equal. Most natural, vegan and organic cosmetics have some combination of preservative. Preservatives are needed to kill microorganisms like bacteria, yeast and mold, particularly in products that contain water or will be in the presence of moisture. Therefore you should not be afraid of them. Instead seek preservatives that are less harmful to the body. We use VegeCide in our Mafura Lotion Bars and Kokum Body Butter. It's EcoCert approved, botanically derived and designed for oil only (anhydrous) cosmetics. 

Vitamin E is not a preservative. It is an antioxidant. Antioxidants are often used in anhydrous products to help keep the oils and fats from oxidizing, which causes rancidity. We utilize antioxidants in our facial products such as the Illipe Lip Moisturizer and Mongongo Face & Body Serum, as these products are least likely to be in the presence of water. 

To maintain the freshness of your products, keep them away from moisture and in a cool dry place. If your it melts, simply allow them to cool in the refrigerator for 15-20 minutes or until solidified. If they freeze, allow them to return to room temperature before using them. Do not under no circumstances subject them to extreme temperatures as this may cause cracks, breaks and other damage to the packaging. 

For any questions about your products feel free to contact us via or in our secret Facebook group.

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