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Subject Matter Expert: Sharon Osinaike, CEO & Founder Dr. Herbal Hair Care

Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert: Sharon Osinaike | Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care


Who is Sharon Osinaike?

I am a 17-year academic professional of UIC Center for Literacy Education Department, with substantial experience using a variety of contemporary business software systems.
Recently, as a business owner of a organic and largely vegan hair care company in Chicago, founded due to my hair loss journey. I sturggled with finding natural and chemical free products. I learned that the products were not "natural" and just because they stated they were. I was very disappointed and began my research to grow my hair back with products made by me and for women of color who wanted quality trust worthy hair products and not just lip services. 

I'm a daughter, aunty and friend. A wife and mother, who laid a strong foundation But, most importantly, I do what I love daily, and that is encourage others to live there best life, by living mine. "living by example."

For the next step in my career, I would like to move into wholesale industry and find myself as an  employee of a warehouse where I can employ a large team and be involved with a groups that focuses on supporting men and women hair care journeys, by networking with our customers, not just making sales, but making connections while having access to the knowledge base of what people really want, think, like and don't like. Not just being IN business and meeting a need, but building relationships based off to the needs. As a small business owner, our decisions impact the community. Small businesses are job creators, and most of those jobs can be local jobs. Rather than having to commute to another city, employees work closer to home. Not only does this reduce traffic congestion, supporting local businesses also supports your fellow community members who work at them.   

 What is the story of Dr. Herbal Hair Oil

Hair loss can be devastating, as I learned in 1991. I started losing my hair due to tension to my hair follicles from certain hairstyles, mostly from wearing braids. But I also notice after having my firstborn my hair loss became worst. At some point I decided to take matters into my own hands and figure out how to make products and a regimen that would worked best for me.  I began creating organ and natural quality products made to support my beautiful hair. Hair loss is not really talked about; instead we find ways to cover it up. I am speaking to share my story and products to help others. I could never find products to do what they claimed to do, nor had the natural ingredients that I needed from doing much research on what would work best for hair growth. And, we are in a time where new things are always coming out, I just wanted what was tried and true and not a new item that would later be know as a "recall." 

I had suffered hair loss from hormonal imbalance, tension pulling from hair weave and braiding styles. I did my research and here I am years later in business telling men and women who are experiencing hair loss issues that it is possible to re-grow your hair with life styles changes, diet and exercise and the right hair products.  I’ve been using my herbal hair products for the past 25 years. Dr. Herbal, is unique becomes it's my story, story of fear and loss that turned to faith and growth. Herbal hair products that provides nourishment to your hair and prevents hair loss naturally over time. Containing pure essential oils and herbal extracts to fight dandruff and leave hair soft, shiny and full of life.   My hair loss journey has been renewing and empowering, my hair looks and feels healthily and my business is a direct correlation to my journey. I’m thankful for the strength to overcome my storm. This strength allowed me to understand that my identity was not tied to my hair. At a certain point I found the guts to look in the mirror and not care what others thought. I found a greater self-awareness and a deeper spiritual awakening. Awaken to create a business not only for myself but for others experiencing similar stories. Had I not learned this, my journey would never have brought me to this

Biggest lesson I’ve learned is to embrace the lost, and figure out what works best for you. What works best for me is Dr. Herbal, Organic & Vegan Hair Care. 

What are your hair care products?  

We offer natural hair care products and a few lotions and body butters: 
Conditioners, shampoos, hair gel, hair oils, styling creams and hair puddings, hair and balms.

Recommend 1-2 products that everyone must try.

Our hair oils and  hair balm are a MUST have. They both contain collaborative stimulating essential oils, natural butters and all natural fixed oils to encourage hair growth and maintain a healthy scalp. Both products smell AMAZING!

Please share some advice for new business owners.

  1. Focus on developing the message and brand experience you want to create for your customers - be sure to tell a story, make sure you live it and know it well, and it will sell. 
  2. Be intentional by setting goals 
  3. Trial and error. You definitely learn from just doing and mistakes. We have had our bumps in the road, but they have simply taught us lessons and new ways to do things. 
  4. Overspending (keep cost under control until there is a consistent profit) and underpricing your products (One sure way lose money is to underprice your products or services. Do your research/homework and to know how much you should be charging. When you don’t charge enough, you will not be able to cover your overhead and lose out on making profit





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