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Veteran Spotlight: SSG Lauren Glover

Veteran Spotlight

I met Staff Sergeant (SSG) Lauren Glover in the South Carolina Army National Guard. She was and still is a ball of energy, expertise and positivity. While transitioning out of the military she helped me stay upbeat and positive. She was a friend to me and so many Soldiers adjusting from deployment. With meditation, fitness, laughs, love and discipline SSG Glover has changed the lives of so many in the best way possible. More Noncommissioned Officers should be like her. 



Tell us a little bit about your military career.

I've been in the SC Guard for 12 years. Enlisted in 2004 as a 42L. Re-classed to 42A shortly afterwards. Worked as a supply technician for about 8 months before becoming AGR as a supply Sgt at my current duty station in 2009.

What are your current endeavors?

Make E-7 before I turn 31. Get my bachelors degree in logistics. And when I retire work to own my shipping company with my uncles.

What is the best advice you can share with our audience?

Never pass up an opportunity. It was presented to you for a reason. Take it and be the best you can be.

What associations or involvements you would like to attribute to your success?

My church Jesus Christ Tabernacle in aiken sc. My family and friends. My mentor SFC Hilda Ross.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is your show and opportunity to really tell us all that you really want us to know. IF it's too long, no worries, I'll call or email for the rest.
I knew I would be on the military the minute I put on my first uniform in JROTC in high school. It was the first place I actually felt like I belong to something bigger. My military family is absolutely amazing! The people I have met are friends for life. I have never been deployed but I make sure my soldiers have everything they need to get to their destination and back. There's nothing more gratifying than helping soldiers. I found my calling at the age of 18 and I'll do this til they kick me out!

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