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Veteran Spotlight: Keyana Harrison

Veteran Spotlight

Butter Angels | Veteran Spotlight: Keyana Harrison

I'm not sure if I can properly articular how wonderful a person Keyana Harrison is. Mother, wife, veteran, breastfeeding advocate and lover of all things medicine. These words can not properly describe her dedication to the health and welfare of families and the testament of her faith. In my darkest moments while battling post war PTSD she lovingly opened her heart to give me a kind ear and advice. In the midst of all her own struggles, she found the strength and time to love and nurture others, to include her growing family. Keyana has blessed so many as a combat medic in the Army, to include myself. She has helped so many mothers as a breastfeeding counselor and doula. Kayana Harris is a saint walking on earth. 

Below Keyana will use the word "enterprise". I truly don't believe "enterprise" is big enough for her future.  I don't remember a time when Keyana didn't have a side hustle. Keyana made scrubs and skin care, beautiful purses and bags, advocates for breastfeeding and was the leader of her own breast feeding non-profit. I'll put it this way. If Keyana has an idea backed with a tiny bit it of passion, you should considered it started and thriving. She is a true entrepreneur. 

Last point and then you can read her humble responses to each of my interview questions. If you are not sure or do not believe that you can overcome adversity in or out of the military, then I need you to follow Keyana. Read her notes on FB, watch her moves. She is the poster child of overcoming unparalleled adversity with a gorgeous smile on her face and praise on her heart. If she can push forward and succeed, you can too. 

Tell us a little bit about your military career.

I joined in 2005 as a way to change my life and the life of my oldest son who was 1 at the time. While I was in basic, his father was murdered so my serving became an example to my son to strive to do and be better. I was a combat medic. In 2010 I deployed to Afghanistan and about 6 months into my deployment I was injured in a rocket attack. I went through some recovery but ended up being medically discharged in 2013 due to my PTSD struggle.

What are your current endeavors?

Complete my bachelors and the help build our family enterprise. I also will Continue to support and encourage women in their breastfeeding journeys and by building my youth ministry.
Rolande: I want to add that Keyana is a breastfeeding counselor and former doula. She has utilized her medical experience as a combat medic and many years of formal education to assist mothers in having healthy pregnancies and births. As a mother of 5 healthy, smart beautiful children, she speaks from experience. 

What is the best advice you can share with our audience?

No matter what situations or circumstances you encounter, our God is greater and will bring you through!

Where can our audience find you?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Would love to start writing grants for organizations with great causes for women and children.

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