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Veteran Spotlight: Rabinna Carter

Veteran Spotlight

Butter Angels | Veteran Spotlight: Rabinna A. Cater

I'm excited to introduce to you Rabbina Carter. Rabbina's sense of style and view points of life and equality really kept my attention. I wanted to share this beautiful person with you becuase she is a prime example of living authentically and fully after serving in the military. 

Tell us a little bit about your military career.

Rabbina A. Carter is a veteran of the United States Air Force. During her military career, she worked as an Aircraft Fuel Systems Technician and also served as Systems Administrator as an additional duty for her squadron. Carter's determination to be the best in her military career was instrumental in her being awarded the rank of SSgt (E-5), after only being in the military 3 years. She was also handpicked to be on the team to receive the initial training for the F-22 fighter jet in her career field. She received many awards during her career including the Air Combat Command Logistics Standardization & Evaluation Team Outstanding Performer For the 2004 and 2006 Inspections on Safety and Training at Langley Air Force Base and the Air Force Achievement Medal for outstanding service and dedication.

What are your current endeavors?

Chief Visionary/Owner of B. Ayesha Inc. A corporation that features an online boutique (Chaussure Boite Boutique), blog (B. Ayesha Inc. ~ The Blog), app (B. Ayesha Inc. ~ The App) and jewelry line (Avec Amour Jewelry Designs). I use my blog as a platform to help small businesses reach a more diverse target audience. Currently revamping my business and getting back into blogging regularly.
Butter Angels | Veteran Spotlight: Rabinna Carter | Boutique in your pocket

What is the best advice you can share with our audience?

The best advice I can give in regards to business is to stop procrastinating. If you have it in your mind, go ahead and get the ball rolling. I would say don't try to jump into too many things at once. Try to find a niche, master that niche and then add on to what you have already established. If you're a woman veteran, I would advise you to attend a VWISE (veteran women igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship) Conference. It really gives you all the tools and motivation you need to be successful.

What associations or involvements you would like to attribute to your success?

I would attribute my success to VWISE, and also being a member of Alpha Gamma Xi Sorority, Inc. These associations and memberships have enabled me to be encouraged, take positive risks, and believe in my abilities.

Where can our audience find you?

Phone: (757) 504-0135
Facebook: @BAyeshaInc
Instagram: @b_ayesha_inc

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  • Zakiyyah Neely-Muhammad on

    Hi, I’m Rabbina Carters mom. Rabbina has always been an achiever. She donates the majority of her time to several non-profit organizations. She’s not finished yet. She will reach as high as life allows. Thank you for the recognition that you have shown her. To me, as her mom, I feel that she deserves everything that’s going to lift her higher in life. Again, Thank you.

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