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Veteran Spotlight: SFC Jai Robinson

Veteran Spotlight

Butter Angels | Veteran Spotlight: Jai Robinson

I am so pleased to introduce you to my sister in meditation and one of my zen masters, Jai Robinson. Jai is tough and a precise leader in the US Army. She is also a very gentle and spiritual soul. Her point of view, love of positive energy and photography enthusiasm have set her apart from her peers. Below is her story. 

Tell us a little bit about your military career.

I joined the Army in '96 and as time has gone by, its been apparent that my reasons with one main commonality has changed over the years on why I've stayed in. The main commonality is for the betterment of this country, despite how anyone feels we all do something that go towards the bigger picture. My career as to date has allowed me to have two MOS's in the logistics field as 92A and 92Y and I have been able to work with great people and challenging people. Joining the Army i have been in 2 National Guard units (HI and GA), 1 Regular Army (Ft. Carson) and I have been in 5 Reserve units (3 of which i was and is currently AGR). I've held titles as simple as being the SAMS-E Clerk, Training NCO, SARSS Operator, BDE S4 and Supply SGT. All this while being a single parent in Army is not as easy as seems. But I am grateful for the support. As my career is starting to dwindle down my focus has just to be as calm and stress free as much as possible.

What are your current endeavors?

My current endeavors right now is allowing me to embrace my journey. I am currently working with Zen Black Girl as a Community Leader; which focuses to help black women live a life they love through learning the tools of meditation. Also being a member of Kappa Epsilon Psi, Military Sorority Inc. which focuses to Honor, Unite and Mentor to the present, all branches and our future female service members and veterans.
"As my career is starting to dwindle down my focus has just to be as calm and stress free as much as possible."

What is the best advice you can share with our audience?

My best advice is to want you think about your journey. Think about what you always wanted to do, think about your dreams, think about what you have been good at it. Now with those thoughts how many confirmations have you had within yourself that it felt good or its something you might want to do later? My questions is why later? Build on those things now! Work on them now! Why wait...its your journey! Don't wait till the end of your career to see or act on those things and if you do its still ok, but at least you would of recognized them early.



Happy New Year to the women and men who fearlessly and selflessly service our country.

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What associations or involvements you would like to attribute to your success?

Zen Black Girl




Where can our audience find you?




Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think the trick to life is balance. For me all work and no play makes me cranky it's like a nap that I need. And I need to recharge my batteries so I reinvest in myself. I do things like traveling to other countries because as we all know the world is not flat!
Traveling gives me the freedom to say I did it, loved it and an appreciation for other countries outside of the TV. We are yesterday's teachers, we are our children's role models, embrace your life, it's ok.

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