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Good and Bad Party Favors and Why You Should Know The Difference

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Butter Angels | Custom Wedding Favors | Good & Bad Party Favors Why You Should Know The Difference

Your wedding is a complete experience. Every detail is measured, planned and executed to ensure each guest is transformed to another location. The intention of this event is to be honored by your closest friends and family. You've spent in excess of $13,000 on food, venue, cake, dress, lighting and more in an effort to completely make your fantasy a reality. Naturally you want your guest to be in awe of every fine detail. You want them to talk about your big day for weeks, months, even years to come. So I ask this in love. Why on earth would you consider being cheap on your favors?

Wedding favors are your gift to your guests for joining you in celebrating the next major step in your life, marriage. Your guests have spent money, time and effort to be in your presence. Many have flown from far off locations, booked  for hotel rooms, and thoughtfully shopped for a gift of your choosing. So your last impression, your gift to them, should be something special. One because you are truly grateful for their attendance, but most importantly your name is on it. 

To help you make the right decision on choosing the right party favor for your guest below are some guidelines. 

4 Traits Of A Good Party Favor

Good party favors consist of elements that not only make it worth your guests time, worth your money, but worth your name. Remember that each favor bares your name and reputation. Naturally you want your name and reputation to stand for excellence and thoughtfulness, not rubbish and negligence. 

  1. Useful: The favor must be useful in some way. Your guest should be able to eat it, wear it in public multiple times or use it to solve a problem. Blowing bubbles or a picture of you and you hubby are not useful. Look for premium, handmade skin care products like Butter Angels. During your event and in day to day life, your guest have washed their hands several times, making them dry and ashy. Gifting skin care will help your guest soothe their dry hands and leave a lasting impression of generosity. 
  2. Beautiful: Naturally you want your favors to be beautiful. No one will even open the favor if its unattractive. 
  3. Desired: Seriously, no one wants gag gifts or chachkies. No. One. Sure your guest will smile and say thank you. They are really asking themselves about the appropriate time to chuck it in the trash. 
  4. Lasting Power: Favors that make the best impression are those that last. The idea is to lengthen your guests experience by giving them a wonderful gift that last a few days, even weeks after the event is ended. 

"Remember that each favor bares your name and reputation. Naturally you want your name and reputation to stand for excellence and thoughtfulness, not rubbish and negligence. "

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4 Traits Of A Bad Party Favor

Bad party favors are a waste of time and money. It is proof that you really were not concerned about your guests complete event experience. Bad favors are selfish and a poor use of your budget. Only give gifts (or favors) if you put some thought and effort in them. Otherwise, just don't bother. 

  1. Impractical: Have you ever looked at a gift and first lied and said you liked it, and second wondered what you were going to do with it? You didn't want your friend to make that mistake again, but you didn't know how to tell her? For a moment it was stressful being in that position, huh? Well don't be the source of angst. Be a good friend and gift something useful. 
  2. More Wrapping Than Gift: If your guests are still popping tape and removing tissue paper from their favor after 30 seconds, then there is way too much wrapping and not enough gift. The outer packaging is supposed to be attractive and easy to get into. Don't hide your poor choice of gift behind wrapping and ribbon. Just gift a good favor. 
  3. Cheap: "Cheap Wedding Favors" will get you 1,240,000 of the shadiest choices of wedding favors you can find. Avoid those. You want quality. Remember, your name and reputation are on it. Make it count. Seriously, do you want to receive anything that involved being the cheapest thing available? No, you would hope your friends and family thought of you a little bit more than that. 
  4. Short Life Span: If you can open, pop it in your mouth and 3 minutes later it is gone, then the life span is a little too short. If you choose to give a favor that has a short life span, at least make it an interactive experience.  Remember, you want your guest to smile days and weeks later. Your complete wedding experience, to include your favors, should pleasantly last in the hearts and minds of your guests.


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  • Kristen Fusaro-Pizzo on

    I absolutely agree with this post! I was so careful about choosing wedding favors to ensure they matched my bridal shower favors, and followed all the rules. Thanks for this informative post for brides-to-be!

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