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Effective 1 August 2016, the Priority Club will not longer accept new members. Those who have earned 950 points or more are encouraged to redeem their points prior to 1 August 2016 as the Priority Club option will not longer be available. 
Current Priority Club members will continue to receive their entitlements until their term has expired. 
The Butter Angels Priority Club is an earned membership thru the Butter Angels Rewards Program. Eligible members set up an account then begin earning points with regular activities such as setting up and account, purchases, referrals, and Tweets. Once members spend $250 or earn 950 points in the course of a year, she is notified of her eligibility to gain membership.
What is the difference between the Butter Angels VIP Club and the Butter Angels Priority Club? The first difference is the additional upfront cost. VIP Club members pay an additional upfront cost to gain immediate access to benefits. Priority Club members earn their membership at their own pace. Second, the Butter Angels Priority Club has a few less benefits than the Butter Angels VIP Club. Both memberships offer free shipping, a birthday gift, and free new product samples. However, the VIP Club offers an additional 20% discount on all regular priced items and 1-2 free full-sized skin care products.  
Members of the Butter Angels Priority Club reap the below benefits. 
Additional Upfront Cost $70/$120 $0 - Earned Membership
Activation Period 6-12 months 12 months
Free USPS Priority Shipping Yes Yes
Birthday Gift Yes Yes
Free New Product Samples Yes Yes
*20% Discount Yes No
Free Skin Care Product(s) Yes No
*Discount does not apply to gift cards or other discounts and coupons. 



Butter Angels Priority & VIP Club Restrictions

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