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Terms and Conditions

The below are Terms and Conditions for gift cards, party favors, wholesale and private label. Placing an order binds you to the below terms and agreement. 

Gift Cards 

Our terms and conditions are designed to best accommodate our customers. Your safety and security are our top priority; with this in mind, we reserve the right to adjust, change or eliminate portions or all of our terms and conditions to best meet your needs as well as secure you from fraud and abuse. 

  • Unused gift cards may be returned for their original purchase price within 60 days of their original purchase date. 
  • Partially used gift cards are not eligible for returns or exchanges. 
  • No expiration dates.
  • No additional fees. 
  • Only redeemable online, as we do not have a physical store. 
  • Non Transferable.

Party Favors

Payment constitutes agreement of all written details in the order (to include quote). All orders must be paid in full before any work is started. All items are made to order, requiring a minimum of 3 weeks (21 days) completion time.

Minimum: There is a minimum order of 10 units per item and variant. You may mix and match for an additional fee.

Quotes: Quotes are good for 14 days.

Resale: Orders are not authorized for resale.

Payment: Responsible parties must pay according to written agreement. Acceptable payment is credit card (Discover, Visa, and MasterCard) and PayPal. Insufficient funds or returned payment will incur a charge of $50 per failed attempt. If you miss your “Pay By Date", pay for work or request custom work with less than 21 days, we cannot guarantee we will have availability to make your favors.

Returns and Exchanges:  Client has 5 calendar days to request a partial refund of up to 75% of the total purchase (minus shipping). The entire order must be returned with original receipt and the Return and Exchange Form must be completed. Butter Angels reserves the right to make substitutions if needed. Refer to company Return, Exchange, and Discount Policy.

Availability: Full payment is needed to guarantee availability. Availability is first come, first serve. In order to fully guarantee delivery on desired date, we accept orders up to 3 months in advance.

Cancellation: No changes or cancellations within 10 days of shipment. Cancellations made after 3 days will incur a $35 service fee. A “Cancellation Date” will be provided in the estimate. You may be asked to waive the cancellation date if the order is made less than 21 days of event date.

Consultation: Consultations are $26/hour. 50% of the initial consultation will be credited to the total of the order if the order is made within 14 days of the initial consultation date.Consultations must be prepaid, are not prorated and do not carrying over.  

    Wholesale and Private Label

    Minimum Initial Order: $150.00 plus shipping; minimum quantities are listed on Wholesale Line Sheet and Product Information.

    Minimum Re-Order: $100 plus shipping, minimum quantities are listed on Wholesale Line Sheet and Product Information.

    Payment: Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover), Pay Pal. Full payment is required before shipping.

    Deposit: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before production begins. Deposits are not refundable, but will be subtracted from complete total.

    Customization: Orders not supported by your business Tax ID/FEIN and/or South Carolina Resale Certificate (ST-8A) are subject to retail price plus customization fee. Customization fee is only applied if Butter Angels options are not used. Customization fee is $50 per contract and $26/hr consultation fee. Private label client provides their own packaging (containers, bottles, jars, labels, shrink wrap, etc) unless otherwise negotiated.

    Consultation: Consultations are $26/hour. 50% of the initial consultation will be credited to the total of the order if the order is made within 14 days of the initial consultation date.Consultations must be prepaid, are not prorated and do not carrying over. 

    Shipping: Clients are responsible for shipping. Unless otherwise negotiated, shipping is FedEx Ground. If you choose to use your account number for the order, please specify during consultation. Cost will be based on weight and destination. A shipping quote will be provided prior to commitment.

    Drop Shipping: Client will pay a $0.50 fee + individual order shipping cost per item shipped.

    Local Delivery: Local delivery is available and must be prepaid per Local Delivery Schedule. An adult must be present to accept and sign for delivery. Client is responsible for any additional costs associated to Local delivery or shipping if order is not accepted or rejected due to incorrect, undeliverable address or no available adult to sign for delivery. Cost will be provided in quote.

    Shipping Error/Rejection/Damage: Clients are responsible for any additional costs associated to shipping if shipment is rejected due to incorrect or undeliverable location. Butter Angels LLC will only assume the costs if fault is of their own. You must notify our office of any shipping errors or goods damaged in transit within 5 days of receipt of shipment. If Butter Angels is the cause of damage, replacement of goods will be issued, no charge to client. Butter Angels accepts no liability for any loss resulting from the Client’s failure to comply with our carrier’s delivery. If the carrier has to return the shipment to us then the Client will be liable for all shipping charges and credited for all merchandise returned in sellable condition, not to include custom order or private label.

    Free Delivery: US orders over $500 will receive free FedEx Ground shipping.

    Lead Time: Please allow 3 weeks for processing and production. Time may be adjusted based on order size, customization and inventory. A timeline will be provided prior to commitment.

    Return/Exchanges: Client have 5 calendar days to request returns or exchanges. Returns and exchanges will only be provided for damages caused by Butter Angels LLC. Once package is Freight On Board (FOB) it becomes the responsibility of the Client, to include, but not exclusive to, shipment tracking and pick up. All damages incurred in transit must be filed with the carrier. Approved returns or exchanges will receive a credit. All damaged items must be returned to Butter Angels for inspection and approval.

    Liability: We are fully insured and stand by our products. Retailers will assume all liability of product goods once FOB.

    Required Documents: All order must have Tax/EIN. South Carolina: Must also include South Carolina Resale Certificate (ST-8A).

    Exclusivity: Wholesale exclusivity may be granted with a $300 quarterly minimum and a one-time $200 Exclusivity Fee per zip code or $300 per organization. No other wholesaler may be presently selling in the zip code or organization of interest.

    Samples: Clients may order a sample package up to $30 plus shipping at wholesale discount. If an order is made within 30 days of receiving the sample, the client will receive a $30 credit to their first order.

    Product Claims: Any and all medical claims are prohibited to include, but not exclusive, to adjectives and phrases that suggests rejuvenation, restoration, healing, and other terms or phrases that would make Butter Angels products an Over The Counter Drug in the eyes of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Any such claims can result in written warning and fines issued by the FDA for both retailer and manufacturer. Retailers are responsible for all fees incurred by or necessary in the correction of such action as approved by the FDA. If the retailer is found at fault, the Wholesale relationship may be immediately terminated.